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mill canyon dinosaur trail     moab, ut

The Mill Canyon Dinosaur Trail is a bold experiment; there are no guards or fences here. You, the visitor, are the protector of this valuable resource.  It is illegal to remove, deface, or destroy improvements, rocks, and fossils.   [Excerpt]

There is a self-guided walking tour in the area. Pamphlets which describe the tour sites can be picked up at the Grand Resource Area (address below). Highlights of Jurassic dinosaurs include fossilized bones of all shapes and sizes, fragments of fossil wood, and tracks.

To reach the Mill Canyon Dinosaur Trailhead, drive 15 miles north of Moab on U.S. 191, then turn left at an intersection just north of highway mile marker 141. Cross the railroad tracks and continue 2 miles on a bladed dirt road to the Dinosaur Trailhead. The road is impassable when wet.

Mill Canyon (The Old Copper Mill)

Remnants of an old copper mill can be seen on the south side of the canyon. Copper ores (azurite and malachite), exposed along the Moab fault, were mined and processed here in the late 1800's. Limited quantities of ore and fluctuating prices probably made the venture economically unfeasible and the mill was abandoned.

Halfway Stage Station

The remains of the Halfway Stage Station are located east of the Dinosaur Trail. The Halfway Stage Station served the traveling public between Moab and the railroad at Thompson. The first passenger train went through Thompson to Salt Lake in April of 1883. The railroad was 35 miles from Moab. The trip from Moab to the train took eight hours for passengers, so travelers stopped at the station for lunch. Slower freighters spent the night on a two day trip. To reach the stage station proceed north toward Highway 191. At the first intersection turn right and proceed to a dry wash. Turn right on the jeep trail at the wash crossing and continue to the Stage Station.

For More Information Contact:
Moab Field Office
82 East Dogwood
Moab, Utah 84532
(435) 259-2100 


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Mill Canyon Dinosaur Trail  rests between Arches National Park, and Canyonlands National Park, just South of the Moab airport.

Click on the red "info" button for more Moab information.

Available campsites include  Courthouse Rock Campground, next to the Trail, and a  free campsite  on Mill Canyon Road.

Since Mill Canyon Road is impassable when wet, it is a good idea to have an alternate plan.  Moab Giants Museum  is not far away.

The Museum includes full scale dinosaur models outdoors,

which are a colorful spectacle.   Click  to see for yourself.





North of Mill Canyon Road by 7 miles is  Dinosaur Stomping Grounds Trail,  a 3-mile hiking trail, and  Copper Ridge Dinosaur Tracks.  Turn right 3/4 mile past Mile 148. 


Cross the railroad tracks and follow the main road for 1 mile, to a fork in the road.

Take the right fork 1/2 mile to the Mega Steps Mountain Biking Trail. 


The left fork goes to the Copper Ridge Dinosaur Tracks site.

Other nearby attractions include  Dead Horse Point State Park,  in addition to  Canyonlands  and  Arches National Parks.


Dead Horse Point State Park is near the North East edge of Canyonlands National Park, and can be found from the map link below.

The Park View image can be rotated by holding down the

mouse button and turning.

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