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Book Reviews


"Trauma Room One"  by  Charles Crenshaw, M.D.

"Murder from Within",  by  Fred T. Newcomb, and Perry Adams

"The Great Zapruder Film Hoax",  by James Fetzer.



"JFK Director's Cut"  by Oliver Stone

   Track 68,  from  2:44:04 to 2:44:10


Regardless of the complicated intrigue surrounding a Presidential assassination,

there are certain basic facts that cannot be covered up.

Namely a dead guy,  and what killed him.

Dr. Crenshaw and his staff corroborated what the fatal wound was really like.

In this case,  we have a fatal gunshot wound entering the right temple,

from the front,  at close range,  by a high power handgun.  

This is according to Dr. Charles A. Crenshaw at Parkland Hospital,

who treated the President during the first hour after the shooting

(while the President was still alive).

That was his assessment,  after having treated a great many gunshot victims.


The entry wound was about the size of a pencil eraser,  according to Dr. Crenshaw.   (This is about the same size as a .38 Special,  which uses a .357 inch slug.)

The exit wound was out the right rear section,  about 2 ½ to 3 inches in diameter,  with brain matter oozing out.   This indicates a frangible bullet,  or mercury filled bullet.  (A subsonic .38 Special,  with a frangible/mercury filled bullet could do the kind of damage reported by Dr. Crenshaw).

The President was  NOT  shot in the head with a supersonic rifle bullet.  

If he was,  his head would have  EXPLODED,  

and he would have died  INSTANTLY.

The President was hit from the front,  with a subsonic handgun bullet.


Secret Service agents were issued

.38 Special revolvers back then.

Before receiving the fatal shot to the head,  the President was shot in the

front of the throat,  with a small caliber projectile.  This injury caused

the President to grab his throat,  and hunch over toward his wife.

Dr. Crenshaw also stated there was a small wound in the throat,  near the

necktie knot.  A small projectile,  low velocity,  struck the President in the throat from the front,  and the projectile wound up in his lungs.  Surgery was done so the President could breathe.

Examination of the Zapruder film shows the President clutching

at his throat,  and hunching over before the fatal shot was fired.

This shot was to maneuver the President into the line of fire for the kill shot.

Both shots came from the front seat.

Governor Connally was also shot,  to clear the path for the Presidential kill shot,  since the Governor was sitting directly in front of the President.


Other pesky problems.

Gun smoke witnesses tell us that the shooter must have been at the front of the motorcade,  since one of the motorcycle officers right behind the Presidential limousine smelled gunpowder burning during the assassination.

The limousine was driving into the wind,  heading West,  going downhill.  

There were no cars in front of the Presidential limousine,  so the shooter

must have been inside the limousine.



Fred Newcomb studied the entire Warren Commission Report volumes,

and became unconvinced.

The next step was to find out what the Warren Commission witnesses

really testified to,  before their testimony was altered,  edited, or  deleted.

Newcomb then contacted the witnesses,  and asked them to tell him

what they actually testified to.

Newcomb recorded their conversations,  and later transcribed them.

After compiling all the information,

Newcomb then began to analyze the material.

What Newcomb discovered was staggering:

Witnesses near the Presidential limousine smelled gun smoke

during the assassination.

This makes perfect sense if the shooter was inside the limousine,

since they were driving into the wind,  going downhill.

Witnesses would not be able to smell gun smoke from a 4 story window

down wind of them.


"Murder from Within",  by Fred T. Newcomb, and Perry Adams,

picks up where Dr. Crenshaw left off.

During the assassination sequence,  certain witnesses smelled gun smoke.

All these gun smoke witnesses were down at ground level,

near the motorcade.   This would be impossible,  if the fatal shots

were fired from buildings 4 stories up,  downwind.

The motorcade was driving into the wind,  going downhill,

West on Elm Street.  Gun smoke from the building would have risen up,

and blown back away.

Witnesses in the motorcade behind the Presidential limousine smelled gun smoke during the assassination.

They were driving into the wind,  going downhill,  with the President out in front.

One of the  gun smoke witnesses  was a motorcycle officer 4 or 5 feet behind

the Presidential limousine.  This officer described smelling gunpowder burning during the assassination.

All the evidence points to the assassins as being in the front seat of the limousine.

The Zapruder film shows driver Greer turning back twice,

looking straight at the President.

The first turn around was a shooting stance positioning.

The second turn around was the fatal shot being fired.

This also explains why the First Lady climbed onto the trunk of the limousine.

She was trying to escape the shooter in the front seat.

It is now clear why the President was shot first in the throat with a small,  low velocity projectile.   It was to get the President to hunch forward,  and toward his wife, 

into the line of fire for the kill shot.

The President had been sitting in the far right rear position.

It is also clear why Governor Connally was shot.

The Governor may have realized what was going on,  and panicked.

Connally was cut down to clear the path for the Presidential fatal shot.

Secret Service Agent Clint Hill,  stated he heard what sounded like a

revolver being fired into a hard object,  with a double sound.

It was.

It was Governor Connally being shot.

The slug passed through Connally,  into the wall of the Lincoln Continental.


Secret Service agents back then were issued .38 Special revolvers.

Some may have carried backup guns,  maybe a .22 revolver.

If they were caught and questioned, their stories would be

more convincing if they were using standard equipment.


Watch  JFK  Director’s Cut,   by Oliver Stone.

It includes a well restored Zapruder film edition.

Track 68,  program the loop to run from  2:44:04 to 2:44:10.

Watch these 6 seconds over and over again.

Watch the Agent in Charge,  Kellerman,  and what he is doing.

Rifle shots are ringing out all over the place,  and he sits there coolly,

looking over his shoulder,  while the President gets assassinated.


Kellerman should be jumping out of his skin,  barking out commands to Greer.

Greer brought the limousine to a near complete stop before the fatal shot.

This violated Secret Service policy,  which is to take the car to  44  miles per hour,  when under fire.

Next,  watch what Greer is doing.

Those who shoot guns,  know a shooting stance when they see one.

The driver turns around,  facing the President,

rests his left hand on his right shoulder,

and points at the President.

The driver turns forward again,

and then turns back around,  in the same stance,

looking straight at the President,

when the President received the fatal shot.

Other assassination theories are quite elaborate,  and quite wrong.  


If all we had was the Zapruder film,  one might argue this is not reliable

evidence,  since the Zapruder film has been  F/X’d. 

This was done to hide the fact the limousine came to a near complete

stop,  right before the fatal shot.

More than 50 witnesses said the limousine came to a near complete stop,  when the President received the fatal wound.  The Zapruder film shows a moving car.

A moving back drop was added using optical printers.

This is motion picture technology.

The Zapruder film has been altered.

It is not worthless, though.

We need to understand how it was altered,  in order to read it correctly.


"The Great Zapruder Film Hoax",   by James Fetzer,  goes into great detail.

They have been doing this for a long time.

This is analog  F/X,  1960's  vintage.

The Zapruder film also shows a “pink cloud” when

the President received the fatal shot.

This is also analog  F/X.

That pink cloud disappeared after one frame on the film.

It cannot be real.

A real pink cloud would be a human head exploding from a supersonic rifle bullet.  No head left.

The President's head was mostly intact after the shooting.

The pink cloud is fake.


The Oliver Stone film, "JFK Director's Cut",

has a high quality restoration of the Zapruder film.

It appears to be just a restored film,  without any new

digital  F/X,  done some time around 1990.

This would be more reliable for decoding information.

We can see through the smoke and mirrors of analog  F/X,

and figure out what is going on.

The new digital  F/X  can place an insect head on a human body,

and we wind up with a human insect running around loose.

Too much to deal with.  We cannot believe anything like that.


So,  the Zapruder film as we now know it,  is an  F/X  movie, 

made from 8 mm film.  Not worthless,  but we have to know

how it was altered,  in order to read it correctly.

If you freeze frame right before the fatal shot,  the images are clear. 

Advance one frame at a time,  and it goes blurry right at the fatal shot impact.

This was done to hide the muzzle flash and smoke from the front seat.


The Great Zapruder Film Hoax,  by James H. Fetzer, 

goes into great detail on how the film was altered,  using

optical printers,  and other motion picture technologies.

Let’s look at the other evidence.

Even without the Zapruder film,

Fred Newcomb deduced the assassin had to be the driver,  due to

the geometry of the limousine,  and where the people were sitting.

It is obvious now,

that great effort was spent to create an ocean of red herrings.

All kinds of freaks were imported into Dallas right before the event.

Hysterical women even claimed to have overheard conspirators

announce they were going to kill the President.

How convenient.

It was the Secret Service who was responsible for the President’s protection.


It was the Secret Service who altered the motorcade configuration, 

by removing motorcycles in front of the limousine,

and along side the limousine.


The closest motorcycles were behind the limousine,  by 4 or 5 feet.

This would make it easier for the front seat assassins to escape detection.

The Secret Service hijacked the President’s body,  with submachine guns,

and took him out for an  “autopsy”,  in violation of Texas law.

Parkland Memorial was perfectly capable of doing this task,

and should have. 

The Secret Service immediately washed out the limousine,

and sent it back to the factory to get refurbished.


The switch for raising the President’s seat was moved from

the front seat,  to the back seat. 

This made it look like the President raised his own seat just before

getting shot,  rather than the Secret Service agents raising it.

The Secret Service  even had John Connally’s suit dry cleaned, 

after it was shot full of holes.  How considerate of them. 

All gunpowder residue was removed by dry cleaning.


Let’s look at:   Gunshots & Gun Smoke    from  Murder From Within

Two women,  Jean Hill, and Mary Ann Moorman were standing across

the street from the limousine,  when the President received the fatal shot.

Jean Hill recalled at least one shot from the front seat of the limousine. 

She mentioned  “men in plain clothes shooting back”.

Mary Ann Moorman,  standing next to Jean Hill,  thought the shots

sounded like a firecracker right beside her.

Austin L. Miller,  at the Triple Underpass over Elm Street,

when asked from where the shots came,  told the Warren

Commission  …”I would say from right there in the car” …

Motorcycle officer Billy J. Martin,  who was ½ car length from

left rear fender of the limousine, stated …”You could smell

the gunpowder… you knew he wasn’t far away.  When you’re

that close,  you can smell the powder burning”…

This is an odd statement. 

This motorcycle officer knows he is close to the shooter.

There are no vehicles in front of the Presidential limousine,

and they are driving into the wind ...



Senator Ralph Yarborough,  was in the second car behind the limousine.

Yarborough made a comment that … “You smell gun smoke when

you are shooting into the wind”...

At Parkland Hospital,  Yarborough told reporters …”the third shot

may have been a Secret Service man returning fire” …

Yarborough is the second witness to describe Secret Service agents 

"returning fire".   The other witness was standing across the street

from the limousine,  and saw the Secret Service agent  "return fire".



Secret Service agent Clint Hill,  in the follow up car,

described hearing a  “double sound”,  … “as though someone

shooting a revolver into a hard object”…

There are more corroborating witnesses.

It should be clear by now, 

that shots were fired inside the Presidential limousine.

Nobody was lighting firecrackers inside the car.


The cabal owns the broadcast media.

These  "specials"  they produce on the Kennedy assassination,

are red herrings to distract us away from the real evidence.

Go back to the scene of the crime and investigate.




The medical staff at Bethesda,  which did the autopsy,  told a very different

story than Parkland Hospital staff.  The President's body had been altered, 

to make the wounds look different.

The Bethesda staff were consistent in their stories,  but contradicted the

descriptions given by the staff at Parkland,  when the President was

still alive.

I am not calling the Bethesda staff dishonest.

They reported what they saw.

What they saw was altered evidence.

That is why I believe the Parkland Hospital staff.

The President was still alive,

and there was no time to alter the evidence.


The President’s brain was  “lost”  during the autopsy at Bethesda.

That is a good one. 

You cannot make this stuff up.





British Intelligence ran the operation.

President Kennedy signed Executive Order 11110,

which allowed the US Treasury to issue interest free notes,

instead of the funny money Federal Reserve Notes.

The Crown responded by having him whacked.

The rifle teams were decoys.

With rifles blasting away,  not many noticed the 

Secret Service agents in the front seat kill the President.

Classic sleight-of-hand.

Those who did notice,  wound up dead.

Some 18 material witnesses died within 3 years.

They were stabbed,  shot,  and fell out of windows.

A few died of natural causes.

The odds against this are quadrillions to one.


The legal system is responsible for this outrage.


The legal system is controlled by the British Crown,

as has been since 1871,  when our leaders sold us

back to the Crown surreptitiously.

This was done due to debts owed the Crown,

from the Civil War.

British Intelligence instigated the Civil War,

through Crown agents on both sides of the conflict.

British Intelligence ran the assassination.

They control the CIA,  and Mossad.

The Secret Service was part of the Treasury back then.

The British Crown controlled our finance,

through their privately owned Federal Reserve Bank.



Our President may have recently solved that problem.

The Federal Reserve Bank system is now controlled by the

U.S. Treasury.   It can now be audited,  for the first time

in over 100 years.

Our President visited the Queen recently,  and something

changed in the protocol between the President,  and the Queen. 

That 1871 agreement may have been neutralized.

Let us hope so.

This information on the assassination will be released,

once the cabal members have been eradicated.

Their days are numbered.




It is ironic.

The Oliver Stone film shows us the actual killers at work.

Right in front of our faces ...

Also ironic.

The dialog has Jim Garrison asking:

"since when have the mob used rifles to kill anyone? ...  they always use .38's..."

It looks like Jim Garrison was right all along.





There are many productions that attempt to divert us away from

the real evidence.  When we start to get close,  they create bogeymen,

and red herrings.

Go back to the scene of the crime.

Find out what killed the victim.

The reference material provides the answers.

These references tell it like it is.

You can figure out what happened.

Other books have us chasing bogeymen down blind alleys.


You have the keys to the doors.

Now go inside,  and discover the truth.

"Trauma Room One"  by  Charles Crenshaw, M.D.

"Murder from Within",  by  Fred T. Newcomb, and Perry Adams

"The Great Zapruder Film Hoax",  by James Fetzer.



          "JFK Director's Cut"  by Oliver Stone

               Track 68,  from  2:44:04 to 2:44:10


Dr. Crenshaw stated that the entry wound in the right front temple

was about the size of a pencil eraser. 

This would be consistent with a .38 Special. (.357 inch).

Brain tissue was oozing out the back,  which indicates a frangible bullet,

or mercury filled bullet may have been used.

Note 2:

The Zapruder film has been altered. 

No gun is visible in the driver's hand.

It was blacked out.

The driver is looking straight at the President,

with his left hand resting on right arm, 

pointing at the President,

when the President received the fatal shot.

Obviously there was a gun in the driver's left hand,

but we cannot see it in the current film.

Note 3:

The small wound in the President's throat may have been

a low velocity .22 Short,  fired from a revolver.

The driver may have carried a .22 revolver as a backup gun.

Same make,  barrel length,  and finish as the .38 Special government issue.

If found with this .22 revolver,  it would look legitimate.

Note 4:

One witness near the Presidential limousine saw someone

in the front seat  "return fire"  at the sniper.

So,  one of the Secret Service agents in the front seat fired a shot,

and the witness interpreted what she saw as  "return fire".

The rifle teams were decoys,  to make everyone think they were

killing the President,  when it was actually the Secret Service agents

in the front seat of the limousine.

Note 5:

There was a witness standing on the overpass,  just West of the kill zone.

(He was not supposed to be standing on top,  with the President to be passing below.)  This witness heard noises like firecrackers,  that sounded like it was coming from within the limousine.

Note 6:

Many  "Investigators"  have us chasing bogeymen with rifles.

Umbrella Man,  Dog Man,  and now  Gutter Man.

It never ends.

Stop listening to these jerks.

Note 7:

President Kennedy's regular driver died suddenly.

Greer was the last minute replacement.



My work at Hughes Aircraft brought

me some interesting experiences.

One of the things I learned,  is that

classified information contains cover stories.


With higher level clearances,

I was given a different cover story.


As a result, 

I learned to make astute observations,

and use science and engineering methods

to figure things out.

Think outside the box.



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