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Book Reviews 2


"Black Dahlia Avenger",  by  Steve Hodel.

"Black Dahlia Case File 30",  by  Steve Hodel.

Black Dahlia.png

The  Black Dahlia Case


This crime appears to have been solved.

The body was exsanguinated,  and cut in two with surgical precision.

This limits the suspects to a rather small list.


If regular people tried to cut someone in two,  they would do a botch job.

It took real finesse to accomplish this.


Several years ago I stumbled on a book,  written by a Los Angeles detective.

He decided to investigate the case,  and came up with some disturbing discoveries.

As an interesting footnote,  I used to live in Hollywood,  CA. 

A sophomore at Hollywood High,  in 1972,  a Science major.

My biology class was taught by a PhD in biology,  who had mentioned

the Black Dahlia.  He remembered the crime,  then 25 years earlier,

and filled us in on some of the details.  He flat out stated that the killer

had to be a surgeon,  or someone with that medical skill,  because it was

done with such precision.  No ordinary homicide.


This homicide detective,  found out that it was his own father,  the medical doctor.  Nice.

If that isn't bad enough,  I found out that this doctor had lived on the same street as me in Hollywood,  about a mile away. 

This doctor also grew up in the Pasadena area,  about a mile from where I grew up in grade school.


The Los Angeles Homicide detectives actually found the killer long ago.

It seems the good doctor was involved in an abortion ring,  which involved politicians.

If the doctor got busted,  the politicians would have been found out,  and they all would have been taken down.  


So,  the Police did not arrest the doctor.



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