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Last Minute On the Go Travel Made Easy!

It is not necessary to book the entire travel package before departing on your trip.

Book your  Flight Tickets  first. 

Compare  Last Minute TravelKiwiTravofy, and  Tours4fun.   Genie Traveler  offers wholesale rates with membership. 


The next item is  Airport Parking Reservations.

Book your  Rental Car  later.,   AutoEurope,


Hotels  can be booked from the parking lots of the Hotels.

Last Minute Travel  has  Undercover Hotels, which are discounted lower than normal.

Compare  Hotels.comKiwi, and  Booking If the Hotel is owned by  ChoiceHotels,  like the Comfort Inn, then click the  Comfort Inn button.

If you are uncertain about the Hotel, then take your smartphone into the Lobby, and ask to see the room.  They may offer you a nicer room for a little bit more.

Some Hotels let you make reservations online, and then pay when you arrive at the Lobby.


Some Hotel Agencies receive last minute cancellations, and will  discount  the room before it expires.  If you happen along at the right moment, you can benefit from this.

You can book your entire trip with your smartphone.  Wholesale Travel Rates  are available with  Genie Traveler,  and  Last Minute Travel.

Find  accommodations without APPs  or data loading fees.   Regular travel APPs will not provide wholesale rates without joining a Closed User Group,  like  Genie Traveler.

If you would rather talk to a Travel Agent, call  Travofy Crystal   or  Tours4fun   and have them do the booking for you!

There are more travel agencies in the  Europe & USA  section.


Click on Undercover Hotels tab to find rooms discounted at lower than normal rates!


Undercover Hotels  rates are often lowered in the evening, before the room expires.

Last Minute Travel

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