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Dead Man's Curve        Sunset Boulevard Map

Dead Man's Curve        Los Angeles - Beverly Hills

Dead Man's Curve        Jan and Dean

Dead Man's Curve png.png

Overhead map view of Dead Man's Curve, an almost ninety-degree right turn traveling West on Sunset Boulevard just past North Whittier Drive near 9901 Sunset Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90210


Click on image for Google Maps.

Then,  click on right side of road,  and

use the UP arrow to drive along.

There are several curves on Sunset Boulevard referred to as "Dead Man's Curve". 


Click on the Wide Field of View button to see them.  


A drag racer going West on Sunset would have a long straightaway that hits a 90 degree right turn, which would be the most likely place to skid into oncoming traffic. 


A racer savvy enough to survive this curve would likely slow down at the other curves.

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