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And out of the throne come forth lightnings and thunders and voices.

And seven lamps of fire are burning before the throne,

which are the seven Spirits of Elohim; (Is 11:2, Rev 1:4)


Revelation 4:5

ten commandments tablets.png

* * *



This world is an experiment,

and we are the guinea pigs.

No kidding.

It is not as bad as it sounds,  though.

There was a challenge by the demonic forces,

who thought they could run things better.

Rather than allow them to run roughshod over the whole universe,  and wreak havoc,  they were allowed to test it out in a sandbox.


A sub-scale model test,

if you will.

That makes us sub-scale models of the Elohim,  since we were created in Their image.

There are two of Them.

No one has ever seen the Creator.

The One on top of Mount Sinai was the glorified Messiah.

The demonic forces will fall on their own swords.

They always do.

It would have been better for them if they studied Physics.

They would have realized that the whole universe is filled with cosmic intelligence.

Every beam of energy,  and subatomic particle.

Everything connects together back to the Source.

The Book of Revelation has some fascinating things to say.

Namely,  the ones who overcome the evil,  and uphold the commandments,  will get  "promoted".

Here is where it gets interesting.

The corrupt ones will bow and worship,  at the feet of the ones who overcame.

Men are not allowed to bow and worship angels,  or other men,  since they are created beings.

Men are only allowed to worship Elohim.

The promoted Ones, 

are baby brothers to the Messiah. ​​​​

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And Elohim said,  let Us make man

in Our image,  according to Our likeness;

and let them rule over the fish of the sea,

and over the birds of the heavens,

and over the cattle, and over all the

earth,  and over all the creepers

creeping on the earth.

                                           Gen 1:26

Post Script

It was man,

who chose to reject the laws

of the Creator,  in favor of

making up his own rules.



we get to live in this pigpen,

and see what it is like.

* * *

Food for Thought


Scientific analysis of our Earth reveals layers of unusual elements in the Earth’s crust.  These layers are composed

of unusual amounts of rare elements found in the Earth,  but not in these proportions.  

The layers are all over the Earth,  evenly spaced.

The layers are chronologically spaced apart by 100,000 years.


This is amazing. 

It appears the Earth is getting struck by asteroids and comets,  every 100,000 years.   Huge clouds of dust rise in the atmosphere,  and then blanket the earth,  forming new layers of unusual elements. 

This is a cause of extinctions for many animals.


The question is,  why once every 100,000 years?

What celestial events have a time period   T = 100,000 years?


One answer is a binary star system.  

Half the stars in the known universe are binary stars. 

Two stars orbiting around each other.


What about our sun?   

How does this fit in?


One explanation is that our sun is a binary system,  with the other star as  a dark star,  or neutron star. 


A  “black sun”  if you prefer.   


It does not give off visible light,  but has mass and properties like other stars.

Folklore might call this star Niburu.


Every 100,000 years this dark star comes our way,  and winds up drawing comets and asteroids into our path,  leading to collisions. 

This is the reason there are a bunch of extinctions every 100,000 years.


The last extinction was  100,000  years ago.


The Book of Revelation mentions our sun burning 7 times brighter than normal,  causing much discomfort for the inhabitants on the surface of the earth. 

(Reprobates, from the sound of it). 

They are being given another chance to turn around and go the right way.


The sun burning 7 times brighter, 

and a binary star completing its cycle are cosmic events,  not man-made gobbledygook.   

It is a cosmic reboot,  courtesy of the Creator.


Man has a way of creating complicated scientific theories, when he does not really understand the workings of nature.


Pseudo-scientific babble has a way of mucking things up.



Our sun burning 7 times brighter than normal,  may be caused by the presence of the neutron star being closer to our sun.  The electric aether connects the two suns,  and may trigger a reaction in our sun,  causing it to release more energy.


Space is not empty. 

It contains an electric aether,  described by Tesla as …

… “like an ultra light gas, but incompressible”...

This is an oxymoron,  but never mind that. 

The aether acts as a connecting electrical grid,  through which all bodies are hooked up together.


Sometime around 1896,  Tesla published a book called

“The Dynamic Theory of Gravity”.

In it Tesla described how gravity really works. 

Gravity is an electric effect with the aether.


Tesla was seen floating in the air,

going outside the window of his building in a bathtub sized object.

Apparently Tesla discovered  electro-gravitic  propulsion,  and built a working prototype.


Every known copy of   

“The Dynamic Theory of Gravity”

was later confiscated by the FBI.

* * *

"Flat Earth"

The reason some believe in a  

“flat Earth”  theory, is because of

propaganda from the globalist cabal. 
Astronauts are coming out

and saying  the Earth is “flat”. 
How droll. 
Astronauts are high ranking Freemasons. 
Freemasons serve Lucifer. 
This funny business about  

"flat Earth"  

is a gimmick to hide the fact 
that the Earth is half-hollow,  

with a mini-sun inside.  
There are civilizations inside,

with advanced technologies. 
The inner Earth has to do

with planetary physics,  and

how planets form from spinning

clouds of dust and gases, and

their gravitational attraction

to the inner sun. 

Observatory photos from 100

years ago,  shows bright light

emanating from the Martian polar cap. 


it is not sunlight reflecting off the ice. 
It is a light source inside,   

emanating out through the polar cap. 
How do we know this?

Mars has a thin atmosphere with

dust,  and light trails are seen

above the polar cap. 
This can only be caused by an

active light source inside, 

radiating outward into the atmosphere. 

Jet Propulsion Lab photos of

other planets show the same results.

The images are "cleaned up"  

for public consumption. 
They want to keep us dumb. 
Some of us make observations, 
and discipline our minds with

engineering and mathematics. 

Some of us figure things out

for ourselves,  regardless of

what others say. 
Don't believe me?  

Check out the research book below: 
More info.


Admiral Byrd made a North Pole

expedition, and found some amazing stuff.

He discovered it is impossible to

fly over the North Pole.

There is no North Pole to fly over,

just an entry to the inner Earth. 
The inner Earth contains a fresh

water source,  which freezes large

blocks of ice,  which break off, 

and wind up on the outer surface

of the Earth. 

This is the source of icebergs,

blocks of fresh water ice, 
floating in salt water ocean. 
Don't believe me? 
Take some ocean water, 

and freeze it with dry ice. 
You will wind up with salt water ice.

Fresh water ice cannot be

produced by freezing salt water. 
Salt is NOT removed by freezing

salt water. 
* * *

The Nazis did not believe in

“flat Earth” theories. 
The SS would laugh at anyone that dumb.

Hitler and company

made a point to locate the entries

to the inner Earth, and proceeded

to explore with their U-boats. 

Today, there seems to be quite

bit of activity in Antarctica,  

have you noticed? 

It is popular today, 
for the same reasons it was

popular to the Nazis in

World War II. 

Why all this interest in the South Pole?

Back in 1946,  Admiral Byrd,

the explorer who entered the

North Pole earlier, 
headed Operation Highjump to Antarctica.

There was a little problem. 

it was a little war of sorts. 

The Nazis acquired some super

weapons during the war.

This was due largely to

Nikola Tesla,
the brilliant physicist who

invented most of our best

electrical technologies. 
It appears that Tesla had some problems.

Before World War I,

there were German scientists in

the USA working on various 

scientific developments.

During this period,

Tesla developed some fantastic

ideas, and presented them to the

US Military.

The US Military thought

Tesla was nuts. 
Tesla later presented his ideas to the Germans.

The Germans did not believe

Tesla either, but decided to

check it out. 

The Germans were smarter than the Americans.

The Germans figured out that Tesla was right. 
This was before World War I,

and Germany was still a friendly nation. 
Sometime around 1896, 
Tesla published a book, called

“The Dynamic Theory of Gravity”.

In it Tesla described how gravity really works. 
Gravity is an electric effect with the aether. 
Space is not empty. 

It contains an electric aether, described by Tesla as …

… “like an ultra light gas, but incompressible”...

This is an oxymoron, but never mind that.

The aether acts as a connecting electrical grid, 
through which all bodies are hooked up together. 
Tesla was seen floating in the air,


going outside the window 

of his building,  in a

bathtub sized object.

Apparently Tesla discovered

electro-gravitic propulsion, 
and built a working prototype. 
Every known copy of

“The Dynamic Theory of Gravity”

was later confiscated by the FBI. 
* * *

Admiral Byrd had a real problem 
fighting Operation Highjump in Antarctica.

Electro-Gravitic flying discs, 
with swastikas and SS insignias, 
gave him a bad time. 
The flying discs won.

Admiral Byrd and company

went home, 
with their tails between their legs. 
* * *

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin had visited Antarctica, 
and warned us of terrible evil there. 

* * *
As an interesting point,

Antarctica, the South Pole, 
is actually a positive magnetic pole. 

That is, magnetic lines of force

come out of the Earth at the South Pole, 
and head towards the negative

polarity North Pole. 
The Ethiopic Book of Enoch, 
Canon in the Ethiopic Church,

describes where the fallen angels are imprisoned. 
This sounds suspiciously like a mountain in Antarctica, 
near the polar opening. 
Another word for  “spirit”  

is  “energy”. 

Angels are spirit beings,

made of pure energy.

Energy can be magnetic, 
and the positive magnetic field

of the Earth,  would attract

negative magnetic energy.

Does that describe the fallen angels?

… negative? 
Perhaps that is how they are imprisoned. 


* * *
It makes me wonder what those

geniuses at CERN are up to. 

Are they trying to figure out a way

to release those demonic entities, 
who are trapped in the

magnetic fields of the Earth? 

* * *

If you ever fly on a commercial

jetliner on a Polar Route, 
you will not fly over the North Pole.

The FAA will not allow it. 

It cannot be done. 
The plane would wind up

inside the Earth.

The atmosphere follows the

contour of the Earth, and the

airplane would follow the

atmosphere to the inner Earth. 

* * *


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